Summer Vengeance III – 1/2 Final #1 – Ariel X vs. Dia Zerva

Ali-Frazier…Celtics-Lakers…Hogan-Savage…and now Dia Zerva-Ariel X in what has turned in to the #1 “feud” on Ultimate Surrender! this is a return match from last year’s Summer Vengeance semi-final, which Dia won. it’s also the third time these two have squared off in singles competition.

both ladies enter the match having completed perfect regular seasons, each winning their 1/4 final matches with little difficulty. historians recall in their previous SV encounter, Dia calling for timeout, gasping for air, struggling to keep up with the brutal pace set forth by Ariel. what lessons were learned from this?

after a back-and-forth round 1, Ariel kicked it into overdrive, and controlled the pace for much of the final two rounds. I was expecting Ariel to win, but I thought the margin of victory would’ve been closer. the final score ended up being 315-142. Ariel dragged Dia in to the bathroom for some hot strap-on assfucking in round 4. the #1 seed has been toppled and topped, by our lady, Ariel X!!!

we’ve got Darling and Vendetta in next week’s other semi-final. I’ll pick Vendetta to win, by a narrower margin, than what Ariel won by. that will set up one helluva final!

I wanna give special shout-outs to Ariel and Dia, not just for the wonderful match, but also the BTS piece Kink shot for the match. you can download it here

Dia vs. Ariel
Dia and Ariel renew acquaintances…with sexy results

Ninjas, Pirates…and huepow, coming this Friday!!!


One Response to “Summer Vengeance III – 1/2 Final #1 – Ariel X vs. Dia Zerva”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    You called it correctly so honour is due. Just goes to show how good an all-round athlete Ariel has become. It will be fascinating to see what she does to Vendetta in Rd4.

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