Ultimate Surrender 2.0 – Ninjas, Pirates, and huepow…Oh, My!!!

some folks go to Disneyland or the Bahamas on vacation. and then there’s Percy “huepow” Handfisher, who was jacked out of his gourd, when we told him we’d be sending him to San Francisco to attend last month’s Ultimate Surrender live tag match, as part of his “Complete Rectal Shutdown” vacation thru California.

we’ve already heard his account of what took place before and after the match. now, here’s what he’s saying about the actual match:

round 1 was controlled by Yana and Dia, thanks to solid teamwork. Vendetta and Isis fought back in round 2, which also brought about an unfortunate injury, as Yana appeared to land awkwardly on her shoulder. I had a feeling the match was probably over, then. in the interim, I sent out a frantic text message to several of my associates which read:

“Hollie Stevens is here, and she brought her clown mask” I’m proud to say we got that picture of Hollie in her clown mask after the match, which we now use on the facebook.

Matt came out to announce Yana could not continue, so they officially ended the match at the 5:28 mark of round 2. little known fact, that if the match hadn’t gone past the halfway mark of round 2, it wouldn’t have been official, and there would have been no sexy fun time in round 4.

and, oh what a round 4 it was. with Yana sidelined, Isis and Vendetta decided to grab Darling (who had wrestled earlier in the day) out of the audience and fuck her silly. nothing beats having a front-row seat to a live Ultimate Surrender match. I got some really nice photos of Isis pounding Dia’s ass with a strap-on, which you can see on the Ultimate Surrender forums. also, all 20 pics are now posted to my flickr account (altho they are private) if u are interested in checking them out, plz send me an email to dcboognish@gmail.com with the subject line “US 2.0”

huepow wishes to thank the following: Peter Acworth, Matt Williams, Lochai, Yana Jordan, Dia Zerva, Vendetta, Isis Love, Darling, Hollie Stevens, and all the other forumers and Kink employees who I had the pleasure of meeting at the match. in addition, I also wish to thank my Canon SD 780, American Airlines, The W Hotel, Crown Royal, PFFR, Miss Nyssa, Wrath, and a big shout-out to horsefly (one day our paths will cross, brah) and my buddies at IGRO for helping me put this trip together. thank you for your support! maybe you see me again in October?!?

(l:r) Vendetta, Hollie Stevens, and Isis Love, pose for photos prior to round 4


One Response to “Ultimate Surrender 2.0 – Ninjas, Pirates, and huepow…Oh, My!!!”

  1. Clint Says:

    Glad you had fun ! 🙂

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