Google Maps Blamed For Spike In Ceiling Fan-Related Finger Injuries

it was just another lazy Friday nite get-together full of looking at maps on Google Earth, but something went terribly wrong. Robbie Pollis, of Richmond, nearly had his finger severed by a low-flying ceiling fan, during a routine finger-pointing mission to explain the intricacies of a layout of King George Co.

our resident medical expert, Dr. Cleville T. Hubbs, was on the scene and filed this exclusive report:

Robbie was all like pointing at the wetlands of King George Co., and then some other brah was like “well, why don’t they build a bridge?” and then Robbie made a pointing motion towards the northern part of the map…

oh, brah! it was terrible, I thought he had fucked up his finger. but then, everyone started laughing, so I started laughing, too! I hadn’t laughed that hard since that time my cousin Geech got his penis slammed in a window sill, two towns over.

in other news, I finally watched the rest of season 1 of Food Party. Thu chases the white tiger in Applesode…Thu opens up her own cafe, where the manager’s special is rancid ham salad in Thu’s Cafe…things go awry when Thu gives birth to a kitten in a pie in Horrorsode


Thu's cafe


this was a pretty strong outing for a first season. it’s good to see other cable networks picking up on the [adult swim] programming style. the 10+ minute episode format works great for a show like Food Party. I hope they renew it for a second season.

2 Responses to “Google Maps Blamed For Spike In Ceiling Fan-Related Finger Injuries”

  1. Clint Says:

    4 Robot Chickens didn’t hurt either! What a blur all that was!

    Nice headline, hahaha.

  2. Carolyn Says:

    hahah, yeah, that encounter with the ceiling fan was pretty freaky. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened. That could have ended a lot worse.. hehe

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