Summer Vengeance III – Championship – Ariel X vs. Vendetta

this is it! after 38 regular season matches, 14 single-elimination matches, we are down to the final two.

both Vendetta and Ariel X have enjoyed perfect seasons up to this point, but only one woman will be left to ascend the Jewel Throne of Ultimate Surrender!

Vendetta is a previous winner of Summer Vengeance, and has the size advantage in this match-up. she came out of retirement in season 6, and picked up right where she left off. her goal is to become a two-time champion.

Ariel X is the champion-in-waiting. having already avenged a loss to Dia Zerva from last year’s Summer Vengeance tournament, she has her sights on becoming the first ever lightweight to capture the biggest prize in Ultimate Surrender.

the match started with Vendetta grabbing an advantage. she jumped out to a 99-15 lead at the end of the first round, but expended quite a bit of effort in the process. round 2 saw Ariel make an explosive comeback, one that catapulted her in to the lead. towards the end of round 2, several ppl I was watching the match with, noted that Vendetta may be out of gas, while Ariel was growing stronger. Ariel continued to pour it on in round 3, while Vendetta appeared to be resigned to her fate.

Ariel X aka “The Hardest Working Woman In Ultimate Surrender” aka “Mz. Whole Fuckin’ Show” is now YOUR NEW SUMMER VENGEANCE CHAMPION!!! and we here at IGRO couldn’t be more thrilled. all season long, we trumpeted how fuckin’ awesome she is, and now everyone else knows it! love her or hate her, you must give her all the respect due of a worthy champion! congratulations to both Ariel X and Vendetta for making it to the championship round, and we hope to see much more of these ladies in season 7.

oh, and b/c Ultimate Surrender never takes a vacation, plz join us dear readers, as we unveil our season 7 preview on the weekend. top 10 rankings revealed, and we’ll be answering some of the big questions heading in to the new season.

on a minor note, we here at IGRO would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Ariel X for giving our Percy “huepow” Handfisher, a shout-out after the match. industry analysts believe this is the biggest shout-out a wrestler has given to a forumer since Dragon Lily gave undietaker a shout-out prior to a match in season 3.

Vendetta vs. Ariel X
Ariel X puts Vendetta under wraps during championship round match


One Response to “Summer Vengeance III – Championship – Ariel X vs. Vendetta”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Well done Ariel. Now there must be a champion of champions showdown with Syd. Next summer vengeance should be in two groups of eight elite and up and cummers. Elimination. Rounds in two groups of four with each wrestler facing the other three in matches. Winners of each group face off in the final. How does that sound?

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