Ultimate Surrender Season 7 Preview Spectacular

hard to believe we are entering in to our second full season of covering Ultimate Surrender here on IGRO! this year, we have assembled a panel of voters to come up with our top 15. not all of these gals have been confirmed to compete, and we are under the assumption that Syd is still retired. the number in parentheses represents how many 1st-placed votes each gal received:

01. ARIEL X (3)
02. VENDETTA (1)
04. DIA (2)
06. ISIS
07. AMI
12. YANA

these rankings are unofficial, and in no way represent the views of Matt Williams, or anyone else who works for Ultimate Surrender.

time to take a look at some of the key questions heading in to season 7:

Q: will Ariel repeat as Summer Vengeance champion?
A: MAYHAPS!!! while our panelists agree that she is the undisputed Queen on the Jewel Throne, there is still much to be decided. with a handful of ladies capable of toppling her, this is proving to be the most talented group of wrestlers in the history of Ultimate Surrender.

Q: with Dragon Lily and Isis back in the fold, who do you think will have a bigger season?
A: the panel was split here, but Dragon Lily got the nod by a 4-3 vote.

she was in the best shape of her career, before she became pregnant. her exhibition match vs. Holly Heart proved she had very little ring rust.

Isis is fully healed from the torn ACL she suffered in summer ’08. she has a spectacular new rack, and has been prepping for the new season by working the tag league with Vendetta. both of these ladies have the potential to get to the finals of Summer Vengeance IV

Q: Ami Emerson was the overwhelming choice for rookie of the year in season 6. how much further will her star rise this season?
A: a rookie who wrestled like a veteran straight out of the gate. when you face the likes of Vendetta (twice) and Ariel X, and you hold impressive wins over established veterans like Hollie Stevens and Madison Young, you are bound to get noticed. she advanced to the 1/4 finals last season. she could very easily take that next step in to the 1/2 final round. we look forward to seeing her mix it up with a few of the ladies ranked ahead of her.

Q: Trina Michaels was the recipient of the inaugural “wooden spoon” award. where did you buy it?
A: I actually won it at a truth-telling contest two towns over!

Q: is there a particular wrestler, who you would like to see improve on their finish from last season?
A: Madison Young – she was the rookie of the year in season 5, capped off with a featherweight title, and a spot in the 1/4 finals. last season was a much different story, as she won just once, and ended her season with back to back losses to Amber Rayne. here’s hoping Madison can recapture the glory of her rookie campaign.

Q: is this the year Matt finally finds someone Harmony can beat?
A: we love us some Harmony, and it appears as long as she’s still shooting for Kink, she’ll still be up for wrasslin. having no idea as to what the rookie crop will bring us, this is an unclear answer. win or lose tho, we always appreciate her effort.

Q: in an effort to make the product more youtube-friendly, the girls will wrestle the first 4 minutes of the match in tubetops…good or bad?
A: good (altho there were two who voted bad) as long as it doesn’t compromise the intent of the site, this could be a big step towards getting Ultimate Surrender in to the mainstream.

Q: we’re picking an overall champion, right fucking now, who ya got?
A: Ariel X defeats Dragon Lily; Vendetta and Dia would be the other two 1/2 finalists. maybe we can get a 3rd-placed match for Summer Vengeance IV?!?

so there you have it, our comprehensive preview of what’s to come in season 7 of Ultimate Surrender. it all kicks off Sept. 15 when the reigning champion, Ariel X, begins her title defense against noob, Savannah “Cupcake” West. we need to do something about that nickname!



3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender Season 7 Preview Spectacular”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Isis has nice new tits but Ami will destroy her on the mat. She will sit on her face and tweak her nips, just you watch.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      Ami would be the perfect candidate to wrestle in a gauntlet match. three different opponents of varying skill level, one round each. scoring is cumulative. if she wins, she gets to fuck all three. a loss and she gets gangbanged! I was thinking Trina Michaels, Yana Jordan, and Isis Love, for her opponents.

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Nice idea. Maybe a live audience with some ‘audience participation’, ie the black guy with the 12 inch cock, in the fuck round would be good too.
    I’d like to see US bring some wrestlers over from Europe to test their skills. Some of the DWW girls are rampant lesbians who like it rough and there is a French org called Amazons Productions, website Wrestling in France, who have some frisky pieces of ass on show.

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