Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir Open 2009 Campaign With Win

looking to erase any lingering memories of a forgettable 2-12 campaign in 2008, the BLC got off to a good start with a 95-85 win over 3Gs in week 1.

Santonio Holmes was the MVP with 130 yards receiving and a touchdown in the Steelers 13-10 victory over Tennessee on Thursday nite. things started to tighten up on the Sunday nite game, when BLC QB Jay Cutler threw 4 interceptions against the Packers defense (whom the BLC was playing head-to-head)

with a slim 13-point lead, it came down to a coupla receivers in the Monday nite games. 3Gs had Randy Moss vs. Buffalo, while the BLC countered with Vincent Jackson vs. Oakland.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shitting bricks watching that Buffalo game” said BLC head coach, Prance Rosner. “I knew Moss would definitely get his yards, and I was just praying the Bills could keep him out of the end zone.”

Moss would finish with 141 yards, but much to Coach Rosner’s delight, was kept out of the end zone. down by 1 point heading in to the late game, it was up to Vincent Jackson to come up with 2 points. after a slow start catching just 2 passes for 11 yards, Jackson caught the game-winning touchdown late in the 4th-quarter to secure the BLC’s first win of the season.

during his post-game press conference/cocaine-fueled lesbian sex orgy, Rosner addressed the issue of his QB situation.

“apparently, Jay had some words with our offensive co-ordinator (Brayne Varner) after Sunday nite’s game. whether they can get back on the same page between now and Sunday is entirely up to them. but, I haven’t ruled out starting Kerry Collins in his place.”

the running back picture appears just as cloudy, with the emergence of Baltimore’s Ray Rice.

“DeAngelo Williams will definitely start. Rice has a difficult match-up at San Diego, but Steven Jackson might not fair much better at Washington. I mean seriously, have you seen the Rams play? they’re gawdawful!”

Cornhole Armageddon


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