I Heard A Funny Story About Voltaire Last Nite

something about him hitting on a brah’s gal, and then they took a picture of him passed out, with some other brah’s ass in his face, or sumpin’ like dat…

my buddy was in town, so I had the privilege of showing off the shaft-hardening pictures I took at the Ultimate Surrender tag match in July. I was so proud of my little Canon SD 780!!!

I remember a Ministry fan was none too happy when I asked the host to play “Work For Love” but then we talked about the upcoming Skinny Puppy tour, which we were both looking forward to…

I don’t remember much after that, as I had been drinking bourbon and Sam Adams (not mixed, of course) as usual, I choose to blame work for my fatigue, as the nite wore on…

tv shows were watched, possibly Robot Chicken and The Office(?) it didn’t matter to me, as I had passed out well before then

probably thinking about having sex with your gurl right now


One Response to “I Heard A Funny Story About Voltaire Last Nite”

  1. Clint Says:

    He also said he wrote the original lyrics for S.O.D.’s song “Milk”!

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