Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir Equals Win Total From Last Season

yeap, 2 wins was all we got. that’s what I get for drafting a QB in the first round (even if it was Peyton Manning)

Prance Rosner made a few adjustments to his week 2 lineup, benching Jay Cutler and Steven Jackson for Kerry Collins and Ray Rice, respectively. of course this backfired, costing him an extra 9 points, but the rest of his team was on point!

Vincent Jackson, DeAngelo Williams, and Marques Colston (twice) all found the end zone. the BLC cracked 100 points en route to a 102-85 victory over the Nutcrackers.

it appears as tho the benching of both Cutler and Jackson may only be temporary, as both have somewhat favourable match-ups in week 3.

Marques Colston
Marques Colston was the BLC MVP in week 2

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