Ultimate Surrender – S7E02 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Jessie Cox

Dragon Lily wrestled an exhibition match against Holly Heart over the summer, and the Ultimate Surrender forum collectively creamed their pants! now, she makes her official return to singles competition in this week’s update against Jessie Cox.

poor Jessie Cox! she did gymnastics and cheerleading in college. she represents the new school of Ultimate Surrender in season 7, and is determined to make a name for herself. she has already shot for other Kink sites. unfortunately for her, every noob has to start out at the bottom of the ladder, and she has drawn the Dragon for her debut match.

if there was any doubt as to whether or not Dragon Lily was in top competetive form, it will have been completely erased, after this match. a total thrashing of the noob! Dragon Lily scored early and often, proving she has absoluterly no ring rust, following her maternity leave. she even broke out a few new moves, en route to racking up over 1100 points. that’s right, in her first official match back, she is already setting scoring records!

for everyone frothing over a potential Ariel vs Dragon Lily match, all I wanna say is, please be patient. this was the match-up we boldly predicted for the final of Summer Vengeance IV. yes, I wanna see them wrestle each other too, but there needs to be some build-up. this is after all, only week 2.

and next week, we have Amber Rayne vs. Ashley Jane. judging from the bump, this match could set all kinds of records for most bodily fluids expunged on the mat!

Dragon Lily vs. Jessie Cox


One Response to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E02 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Jessie Cox”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Great to see Dragon Lily’s chubby ass pounding the dildo into a noob’s juicy cunt once again. She does look sharp but it will be interesting to see her tested by more quality opposition. Can’t fault the newbies seen so far this season for effort, however. Ariel rates Savannah West highly and it would be good to see her take on the equally chunky Bella Rossi. Let’s hope this year’s crop doesn’t do a Kirra Lynne and suddenly lose interest.

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