Ultimate Surrender – S7E03 – (9) Amber Rayne vs. Ashley Jane

the queen of the lightweights makes her triumphant return to Ultimate Surrender. the injuries that plagued her campaigns in each of the last two seasons, are now a thing of the past. she is leaner, and still quick as a cat. her impressive performance against Bella Rossi in the 1/4 finals of Summer Vengeance III, earned her mad propz, in a losing effort. proving that she can hang with any gal of any weight class and skill level.

Ashley Jane is a 95-lb ball of sexual energy. get your fingers in this girl, and she melts…like buttah, moaning like a whore in heat. waiting to feel your pulsating, throbbing cock enter her tight, wet sna-…err, where was I?

Amber 926
Ashley 22

oh, and next week, we’ve got the return to singles action, of Isis Love! she’ll be facing Thea Marie, a gal who contacted Matt about wrasslin’. is there a possible upset brewin?

Matt has removed Savannah West from the rankings…

and from the “this is why we love Dragon Lily” department…when a forumer dared to post that DL was no longer a top competitor, she replied “I let them think what they want” that’s right baby, b/c this is Dragon Lily’s world, and all your pussies are belong to her!

Amber vs. Ashley
Amber Rayne: Renegade Gynecologist


4 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E03 – (9) Amber Rayne vs. Ashley Jane”

  1. Clint Says:

    Renegade Gynecologist.. haha.

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Leg scissors pussy licking from Dragonlily the other week. Folding press pussy licking from Amber Rayne this week. The only other possibility, surely, is upside down bearhug pussy licking. Isis Love’s tweets suggest her singles match went well. What happened to Savannah West? Ariel reckoned she had potential.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      I doubt Isis will lose, but it’s so very rare that ladies contact Kink about wrestling. I can’t help but think Thea Marie could be one of season 7’s top noobs. one can only hope!

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    I like to see Isis getting fucked and having seen her up against Thea I think she will be beaten by Adriana and Ami and also possibly Bella while Amber will also have a chance. Please will the winner give those nice new tits a friendly slap or two.

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