Hockey Season…FUCK YEAH!!!

and let’s face it, all Washington-area sports teams suck donkey balls…except for the Capitals. season opens tonite in Boston. a potential preview of the Eastern Conference finals, mayhaps? Ovie is the two-time League MVP, and the odds-on favourite to make it a third.

in the 22 years I’ve been following hockey (albeit I stopped following it from 2004-2007, b/c I was bitter A-BOAT the strike) this is the first time I’ve ever been to a home opener! this Saturday, vs Toronto. I got tix right above the Leafs tunnel, seven rows from the ice. they are gonna raise that Southeast Division banner, should be exciting stuff!

Caps over the Blackhawks in 6 games in the SC Finals, PUT IT ON THE BOARD!!! noted Blackhawks fan, Al Jourgensen, is pissed off even more, when the Caps decide to play Ministry’s “With Sympathy” album during the Cup presentation.

Caps tix
Ovie bobblehead shows off the tix he bought me for opening nite!


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