Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

in the annals of the epic Costanza-esque father-son clashes I’ve had over the years, nothing could have prepared me for yesterday. an epic breakthru occured during the dinner service. my father had finally discovered my affinity for Ultimate Surrender. he knew I wuz going out there specifically for the match at the end of this month. and he was totally cool with it! he wuz actually more concerned about how much money I wuz spending on the trip, than wot I wuz actually going out there for. we toasted with a shot of Bacardi 151, SMOOTH!!!

I reckon he might’ve seen a pic of me saved on my hard drive from when I wuz out there in July. and that’s about as far as it got, b/c I don’t wanna know how he actually found out, and he doesn’t wanna know what else happened there…

Can you believe, he wanted to wear a Tim & Eric shirt, on a cross-country flight?!?


One Response to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

  1. Clint Says:

    Congrats! “The age of newfound openness is upon us!”
    -paraphrased Trevor Goodchild from Aeon Flux series ep #1

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