This Concludes The Most Brutal Week Ever!!!

and by brutal, of course, I mean most fucking awesomest! it started innocently enough with a coupla Mickey D’s burgers and a six-pack of Heineken, as I pre-gamed for the Caps-Flyers game last Tuesday…

we had some bitchin’ seats on the 3rd row aisle, right next to the Flyers entrance. the Caps spotted them a 2-0 lead, and then roared back to win 4-2, with help from Ovechkin, who had 2 goals. I believe the line he was on with Backstrom and Semin combined for 9 points.

Wednesday wuz more or less my chill day. hung out with some friends, ate some Hard Times Cafe chili. watched some stuff, got drunk, good times!

Thursday night, the gal I was bringing to San Francisco with me, arrived in town. after kicking back with a few drinks, we went out to Spooky in DC at Alchemy. as soon as I walked in to the place, I heard the delightful melody of Skinny Puppy’s “Assimilate” good omen for sure!

Friday morning, we flew out of Reagan to DFW, then on to SFO. I was essentially comatose on the connecting flight. when we landed in San Fran, it was time to check in to the W hotel. hot damn, is this a fucking stylish hotel or whut! this wuz the 2nd time I’d stayed there, as I wuz out there for the Ultimate Surrender match in July.

one cool aspect of this trip wuz that the gal who wuz with me personally knows both Ariel X and Wenona! who just happened to be wrasslin! sorry I can’t say much more than that b/c it hasn’t gone live yet, but I will say it wuz a helluva match. later in the evening, Wenona hung out with us back at the hotel.

Saturday wuz spent cruising thru the Haight-Ashbury district. where there’s a head shop on every block, and everything is “medicinalized”, brah! we spent most of the time drinking at a cool bar. unfortunately, after about 8 hours of doing this off-and-on coupled with my unsuccessful adjustment to Pacific time, I crashed back at the hotel around 10 PM local time. altho, I hear there are some groovy pics of me passed out in my Halloween court jester out. I’ll put them up on my facebook in the next coupla days.

Sunday wuz our last full day in San Fran, and whut better way to spend it than attending the Skinny Puppy show. oh, wuz this a fucking brutal show! I’ll give a full recap of this show in the next few days (along with some pics) but I’ll just say, I was so fuckin’ impressed, I’m planning to hit up their DC show on the 22nd.

Monday wuz our flyback day. nothing much to report other than when we arrived back at my friends place roundabouts 8 PM local time, we had a coupla drinks, and watched some shows. Kevin Spencer, Food Party, Xavier, Venture Brothers, Curb Your Enthusiasm…

due to some bizarre miscommunication issue, I wuz scheduled to work on Sunday AND Monday, even tho I explicitly told my supervisor on three separate occasions, that I wouldn’t be back until Monday nite! so, I ended up having today and yesterday off. and there’s surely no better sign to let u know vacation time is over, than by having your co-worker call you to ask a stupid question about some fucking planogram.

uhh yeah, don’t you know I haven’t worked since Monday…of last week. I’m sure they’ll find a way to blame me for it, along with numerous queries as to why I “missed” the last two days of work.

sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in the past coupla weeks, but I do intend to blog on a regular basis. can’t forget that I’m behind on two Ultimate Surrender updates, now!

later, chomsky honks!


One Response to “This Concludes The Most Brutal Week Ever!!!”

  1. Clint Says:

    Just wait. In 2 weeks you’ll have swine flu. Sorry!

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