Ultimate Surrender – S7E07 – (5) Darling vs. Tara Lynn Fox

Darling is back for season 7. when last we saw her, she suffered an injury during her Summer Vengeance semi-final match against Vendetta. she’s fully recovered, and ready to pick up right where she left off. another old school veteran ready to take a promising noob, and show her the ropes of Ultimate Surrender.

enter Tara Lynn Fox, aka The Shortstop. at just 19 years old, she’s a recent high school graduate, looking to make a name for herself in the glamorous world of underground lesbian sexfighting. she got her nickname b/c she used to play for the high school softball team. I bet those were some sexy team showers!

before the match, I went on record as saying TLF would be my early pick for rookie of the year. Darling would have none of it, as she completely dismantled the shortstop, to the tune of 1170-0! Darling appeared no worse for wear from the injury that knocked her out of Summer Vengeance. another veteran takes a noob to the woodshed!

Darling vs. TLF


2 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E07 – (5) Darling vs. Tara Lynn Fox”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Tara is a delicious little fuckpuppet. I don’t think she’ll ever be much of a wrestler but it will be nice watching some of the elite bitches wiping the map with her tasty bod. The noob who has impressed me most is Angelica Sage in her contest with Dia Zerva. Big girl, works out a lot and if she applies herself could be a contender. Sexy as fuck as well.

  2. chinu Says:

    isis love v/s darling

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