Bronkial Tubular Shameification…PERSONIFIED!!!

I ain’t been feeling myself since I returned from San Francisco three weeks ago. I developed a nagging cough, my body ached, and my nose was constantly stuffed up. after trying to combat these symptoms with half-ass remedies like Advil, cough drops, Delsym cough syrup, and bottom shelf vodka, I finally went to the doctor yesterday. the past coupla nites I had been coughing constantly, waking up with the nite sweats. I even had a dream that I wuz watching a movie about horses, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t stop crying!

the doctor tested me for swine flu, which came back negative, but it did end up that I had bronchitis…and my ears need a good cleaning out. she prescribed me Tussionex and Azithromy. after just one dose of each, I feel 10x better than I have at any point over the last week. I feel more tired than anything else, as I try to catch up on all the sleep I’ve lost. my chest is sore from all the coughing. Fuckphlegm isn’t just a great noisegrind song by Cystem, it’s my own personal mantra, as I return to my regularly scheduled, socially-awkward self.

fecal eater

One Response to “Bronkial Tubular Shameification…PERSONIFIED!!!”

  1. Clint Says:

    Horses.. crying… ahahah.

    I’m surprised they did a swine flu test, I thought they didn’t usually test people unless they are hospitalized.

    Nice pic.

    Carolyn got bronchitis too… With swine flu on top of that. She’s probably going to go to the doctor too. I’ve recovered; she hasn’t.

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