Ultimate Surrender – S7E10 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Mellanie Monroe

is there anything better than a hot AZN chick who kicks a little ass, and also doesn’t mind taking it in the ass?!? this is why I watch, b/c of ladies like Dragon Lily. one of the originals of Ultimate Surrender, and easily the best wrestler, who has yet to win Summer Vengeance. she never lost a step since coming back from maternity leave. already with one win under her belt against Jesse Cox, she is back to put another season 7 noob thru the US wringer…with sexy results

Mellanie Monroe is a big-titted MILF who first caught our attention in a Whipped Ass shoot she did with Isis and Harmony. she made her debut on Ultimate Surrender against reigning champion, Ariel X. it doesn’t promise to get any easier for Mel, as she continues with her initiation. given the caliber of talent she has faced, it can only serve to better prepare her for future matches.

this turned out to be another great chance to showcase the Dragon’s ever-expanding offensive repertoire. she went “balls out” (OOOOH!) in round 1 to prove a point to one forumer who “doesn’t get it” (NOT HUEPOW!) in control from the outset, she picks up another impressive win, 787-12. as loaded a roster as it is, I still believe it will be Ariel X and Dragon Lily meeting in the finale of Summer Vengeance IV. I’m looking forward to seeing Mz. Monroe take on some wrestlers who are a bit further down the US ladder.


One Response to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E10 – (3) Dragon Lily vs. Mellanie Monroe”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Great to see two chubby asses coming together in Rd4. Dragonlily really hammered that pussy. Mel v Amber Rayne is the match I’d love to see.

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