An Evening With Skinny Puppy – Nov. 1, 2009 – San Francisco, CA

it was the second nite of the “In Solvent See” tour, and what a show it was! first off, let’s get to the opening acts:

Eustachian – Jon Favreau’s fatter, balder, less-talented brother. he had a Mac hooked in to a soundboard, and a drum kit. his big hit was a remix of a Napalm Death song. I give him bonus points b/c it seemed like he was really enjoying himself. he would occasionally punch himself in the head, when he wasn’t shouting incoherently in to the mic.

Vverevvolf Grehv – set started out promising, but dragged along the more he played. by the end, he sounded like some drunk guy strumming on a guitar that was horribly out of tune.

fans of older Skinny Puppy will surely enjoy the set that Ogre has prepared for this tour. half the fun of a Skinny Puppy show, is seeing what kind of elaborate costume Ogre will come out in. this time, he was dressed like a grizzled lawn gnome. he had on a long brown beard and sunglasses to accompany the outfit. he used a walker to take the stage, before breaking in to the set opener “Love In Vein”

I’m not a big fan of their Mythmaker album, but the songs they played, sounded really tight. the only songs I didn’t immediately recognize were “Pro-Test” from The Greater Wrong of The Right album, and “Hatekill” which was a previously unreleased track which later appeared on Back & Forth Vol. 6

the light show was pretty fuckin’ intense, and I counted at least 3 or 4 costume changes that Ogre made over the course of the set. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, LADY GAGA! they closed the show with “Assimilate” ahh yes, Assimilate, my ringtone, and also the first song I heard the nite I went to Tronik, just three days prior to this show. OMENS! for an encore, Ogre came out (sans costume) and ripped thru “Worlock” and “Far Too Frail”

this show also offered a wide variety of fans:
there were the angry jocks, who danced awkwardly, and looked to start shit in the mosh pit. when they finally found a “dance partner” they would storm off whilst giving everyone that came in contact with them, the evil eye.

there were the dirty hippies, who were often times mesmerized by the glowsticks they were twirling. they danced with their unwashed dreads flailing about, much too high to care about who they were smacking in the face with aforementioned dreads.

and finally, there were the sad goths, who just wanted to be left alone, to deal with the crushing despair of their existence. they only live to be misunderstood by society, while they stand in the corner chain-smoking clove cigarettes.

can’t wait to see them on Sunday nite at 9:30 club

Love In Vein
Morpheus Laughing

Far Too Frail

I saw them again, on Nov. 22 in DC, and since this isn’t Ween, the setlist was identical. awesome show, nonetheless!

Ogre belts out “Addiction” in his psychedelic lawn gnome costume


One Response to “An Evening With Skinny Puppy – Nov. 1, 2009 – San Francisco, CA”

  1. Clint Says:

    Good review.

    Omens.. that aren’t deadly omens??

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