Ultimate Surrender – S7E12 – (8) Wenona vs. Holly Heart

oh, what a treat we have this week, as East coaster, Wenona, makes her season debut. nicknamed “The Gymnast” she is easily the most flexible wrestler on Ultimate Surrender’s roster. she does most of her damage, when she is able to wrap her legs around her opponent. victims are powerless to defend against her world-class fingering, kissing, and overall fondling technique. she was eliminated in the 1/4 finals of Summer Vengeance III by Dia Zerva, and is currently ranked 8th.

having already been abused by Vendetta (regular season) and Dragon Lily (albeit in an “exhibition match”) the time has come for Holly Heart to put what she’s learned to good use. does “The Hit (Wo)Man(g) have what it takes to upset a savvy US veteran the likes of Wenona? or will she take more lumps, as she continues her training on the mat?

this match was taped on the same day as the tag match in October. if you’ve seen the sexual carnage that went down in round 4 of that match, then you already know it was a long day for Holly. one intrepid forumer on the scene, asked Wenona if she stuck it in Holly’s ass during round 4 of their singles match. she didn’t give an answer, but sadly, there was no backdoor action. Wenona was in complete control from the outset, not allowing Holly to score a single point, until the latter stages of round 2. Matt thinks Holly has potential to be a top 5 wrestler some day. I must say, after watching her impressive tag team debut in Friday’s match (with Ami Emerson) against Ariel X and Wenona, I tend to agree with him.

on a separate note, I heard a rumour that Ami might not be competing on the singles circuit this season. I hope this isn’t true! she was hands-down the rookie of the year last season, and thought she had top 5 potential.

Wenona administers Day Three of “The Training of Holly Heart”


One Response to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E12 – (8) Wenona vs. Holly Heart”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Holly Heart has bags of enthusiasm for US even when she’s getting fingered and fucked, which is a good sign. Whipping her dress off (no panties) to be fucked in Rd4 of the tag team was quality sluttiness. She looks skanky and ready for anything but she is a big, fit girl as well. Maybe she will be a contender.

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