BLC Claim Second Division Title In Three Years

NOBODY circles the wagons like the Bensonhoist…Lesbian Choir. not just an homage to Peter Steele and the lads in Type O Negative, but also a helluva damn fine fantasy football team!

needing just 14 points from Ray Rice and the Ravens defense to seal a win, and thusly, the division crown, we got 13. which was good enough for a tie! since the 2nd-placed team in my division lost this week, the division is ours.

wow, so many ppl to thank…first and foremost, myself, for having enough insight to draft the right talent (minus Jay Cutler) so that I would hafta make the bare minimum in terms of roster changes (sans bye weeks) it paid off to the tune of the league’s 2nd-best record at 8-4-1. still have one week left before the playoffs start. just hoping everyone stays healthy for the next three weeks.

in a written statement from team owner, Percival Handfisher, Esq. “this season is dedicated not just to the community of Bensonhoist, but also Greenpoint, Red Hook, and everywhere in between. dedicated not just to the gay for pay lesbians, but also the butch ones, who have mullets, listen to Melissa Etheridge, and wear flannel t-shirts.”

Ray Rice
Ray Rice and the Ravens defense did just enough Monday nite, to eke out a tie, and a division title for the BLC


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