Local Alcoholic Questions Validity Of Stats Used To Determine His Overall Enjoyment At Party

a Decemberween party…that was devoid of Ween?!? well, now I’ve heard everything! all my friends were there, like Brooklyn, Yuengling, Captain Morgan, and Evan Williams! this was a Halloween party, so it gave me the opportunity to once again borrow one of my friend’s costume. unlike Halloween, where I was dressed as a court jester, this time around I was dressed in a convict outfit.

we played some Rock Band 2, which is seriously lacking Scandinavian black metal artists. we tried to play a coupla Metallica tunes “Blackened” and “Ride The Lightning” but the songs were unavailable. after much internal debate, I settled on Alice In Chains “Man In The Box” which gave me a chance to dust off my Layne Staley impression (RIP) we also did Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” and Metallica’s “Battery”

seriously tho, would it kill the developers to throw in some Celtic Frost! at least with Guitar Hero: Metallica, you could play Mercyful Fate’s “Evil” AND you could unlock King Diamond as a playable character.

anywho, free alcohol and free food are always a winning combination in my book! a tude brah of mine brought over some fondue that was fucking fantastic! alas, as the nite wore on, fatigue set in. I fell asleep briefly, but I don’t think I missed too much. the combination of hard liquor and being up since 6:30 AM had taken it’s toll. one partygoer said that I was only able to enjoy 60% of the party, but I vociferously protested, and put the number at more like between 80-90%

I gotta ramble, you can find your own way blog-blog-blog…


2 Responses to “Local Alcoholic Questions Validity Of Stats Used To Determine His Overall Enjoyment At Party”

  1. Clint Says:

    hahahahaha, nice

  2. Carolyn Says:

    You missed the smashing pumpkins! 🙂

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