Everything I Know About Anal Sex, I Learned From GWAR

beastiality, spousal abuse, fucking a quadruplegic’s ass with a piece of frozen shit…all hilarious topics in their own right, but only a band like GWAR can incorporate each one of them so eloquently in to a song. like clockwork, GWAR was back for their ANnuAL date at the 9:30 Club on Dec. 10.

I was kicking myself for missing on the last go-round when the world’s greatest crack dealer, Sleazy P. Martini, performed with them. GWAR is one of those few bands tho, that never disappoints! admittedly, I’m still not familiar with their latest album Lust In Space which comprised 40% of their setlist.

President Barack Obama made a special guest appearance, who presented Oderus with the award for Supreme Asskickery, right before they detonated his (Obama’s) head! Cardinal Syn made his first appearance with GWAR since the band’s 1995 Ragnarok tour! sadly, he was later disemboweled for his efforts. but as the old saying goes “you go to see GWAR, ppl die, it’s as natural as rain on a GAWDAMN Sunday morning!”

you haven’t lived until you’ve taken a huge load right in the face from Oderus “Cuttlefish of Cthulhu” fortunately, there was enough fake blood and jizz to go around for everyone! highlights of the set (for me) included “Saddam A Go-Go” “Maggots” and “Have You Seen Me” which I’ve been told they don’t play all that often. there was also an intro video “Behind The Murder” which was GWAR’s answer to VH1’s “Behind The Music”…allegedly.

I know I probably shouldn’t be throwing around perfect 10 scores all willy-nilly, but GAWDAMNIT! I love GWAR! this was my fourth time seeing them, and it was fucking awesome! the perfect complement to the Skinny Puppy show from just a few weeks prior.

it didn’t really matter that I wasn’t familiar with a decent portion of the set, b/c it’s FUCKING GWAR, and their live shows are a sight to behold! would gladly see them again the next time they go on tour!

Metal Metal Land
Saddam A Go-Go
Lords and Masters
The Apes of Wrath
Where Is Zog?
Womb With A View
Let Us Slay
Immortal Corruptor
Price of Peace
Lust In Space

Bring Back the Bomb
Have You Seen Me
Sick of You

for a more in-depth review of the San Francisco show on this tour, go here

“from you alright, I learned from watching you!”


One Response to “Everything I Know About Anal Sex, I Learned From GWAR”

  1. Clint Says:

    It’s true. I’ve seen GWAR 5 times, and they’ve never played “Have You Seen Me?” at ANY of those shows. I hope this isn’t a rare thing. Just my luck that the 1 time I decide to skip ’em, they play that!

    Next year… Next year.. they seem to come every year.. Hopefully next year they’ll play that.

    Good review.

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