Ultimate Surrender – S7E14 – (6) Isis Love vs. Tara Lynn Fox

the Goddess of Sodomy’s cumback tour rambles on thru Tara Lynn Fox’s bootyhole on this week’s episode of Isis Love: Renegade Chiropractor

after posting quadruple digits in each of her first two matches, Isis was only able to muster 655 points in her match with Tara. to watch the Goddess contort her opponent’s body in a variety of holds in each of the first three rounds, is truly a sight to behold! Camel(toe) Clutch, anyone?!? Isis proved once again why she is one of the best when it comes to fucking the shit out of her fallen opponent in round 4. from a fan’s perspective, it’s awesome to see that Isis is not just back wrestling at US, but still just as brutal as ever.

after being shut out in her first match by Darling, TLF makes some strides this week, scoring 89 points in a losing effort. truly, this is the most talent-laden roster Matt has ever had! and that makes it that much more difficult for the noobs to make an impact. but in a way, this also makes those same noobs better prepared for their matches for future opponents who are further down the US ladder.

if you thought Angelica Sage was a tall drink of water, wait until you see Mz. Jayden Cole! she’ll be making her US debut next week against Dia Zerva…

news and notes to quickly pass along:
Matt has temporarily removed Darling from the rankings while she recovers from surgery
starting next month, Ultimate Surrender updates twice a week! the regular singles updates are moved to Fridays, and the tag matches are aired Tuesdays round-by-round starting with AX & Wenona vs. Ami Emerson & Holly Heart

Isis Love
Isis Love: Renegade Chiropractor


7 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E14 – (6) Isis Love vs. Tara Lynn Fox”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Tara is still carrying puppy fat, either that or a beer belly, and needs to tighten her bod to progress on the mat. Having said that, you can’t fault her for effort and it’s terrific that such a cute fuck bunny loves to wrestle other naked bitches.
    Jayden will be interesting. Another knockout bod which had 0ia tweeting with delight after their encounter. A lot of the seasoned pussy grapplers will want a piece of her. Darling must be frantically fingering herself in frustration as she waits to return to the fray with those enlarged juggs. Won’t be long before she is swinging them in pathetic losers’ faces.
    Bout time we saw Isis get beaten and fucked. Who could pull that off, apart from Vendetta, Dia and Ariel?

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      Dragon Lily would definitely wax Isis ass, and possibly Darling. I would really like to see Isis wrestle someone like Ami Emerson! that’s a match I could see going either way.
      if Jayden has any talent at all, she will be a terror for any mid-carder she faces. wrestling Dia in her first match, should give us a good idea of what to expect from her this season. she can be rookie of the year, and a force in future seasons! she’s already got the right attitude, so let’s hope she’s got the skills to go along with it.

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    I fancy Angelica to be rookie of the year on the grounds of her superior fitness levels. I agree that the Dragon would wipe the mat with Isis and I think Ami would too. Ami v Dragonlily, now that is hard to call.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      ah yes, how could I forget Ms. Sage so quickly. I thought she handled herself well against Dia. I assume her match wth Winter Sky will be posted within the next coupla weeks, so we can see how well she wields that plastic cock in round 4. put Angelica in with Isis and you’d have a pretty good match.

      as much as I love Ami, I don’t see her beating Dragon Lily. DL has made it known that she is gunning for that top spot, and I’m not sure if anyone can beat her. as I’ve already mentioned, I think it will be AX and DL in the SV IV finale cum September!

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Has the Dragon wrestled anyone any good since her comeback? She has looked sharp but nobody has tested her. Nor has she been in tag team action. To me, she’s too chubby and will have Rd3 stamina problems against a good opponent who can tire her out and then get her in holds and finger her at will in the closing stages.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      nobody yet, altho I did enjoy watching her fuck Holly in the ass! Matt has her ranked #1, so he must see something that we don’t. I’m hoping he throws her in against Dia at some point this season. that would be an epic clash! as of right now, I still believe Ariel X is the only one who can beat Dragon.

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    Dia v The Dragon would be a battle of strength and a war of attrition. An ideal match to test the 100 points for a submission rule to reward wrestling skill over the ability to cunningly fondle the opponent’s tits and bits.

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