Tip Of My Hat…Wag Of My Finger

it’s no secret, that we here at IGRO, have a proclivity toward AZN women that truly knows no bounds. that’s why we give a TIP OF MY HAT to the lovely Asa Akira for providing us with so much quality entertainment, while we were snowbound for the last coupla days. with just a bottle of Crown Royal and a packet of anti-bacterial hand gel, courtesy of Final Flesh we took great comfort in her body…of work, OOOOOH! which ran the gamut from Mr. Chew’s Asian Beaver to Asian Strap: She Fuck You Long Time and everything in between.

we must also give a WAG OF MY FINGER to Asa Akira. for not approving a comment we recently left on her official site, in response to her blog, about an upcoming scene she shot for ZZ with the equally lovely London Keyes. I don’t know why they didn’t approve it. maybe, it was b/c I used the handle “Percy Handfisher” obviously, they are not fans of Xavier: Renegade Angel or maybe it could’ve been b/c I left a link to IGRO. no doubt they were vomiting up tears of confusion and disgust after reading any one of the hundreds of socially reprehensible articles whut done litters up mah blogscape.

regardless of this minor transgression, we do wish her all the best in 2010, and believe she’s a lock to win Best New Starlet at the AVN Awards next month. speaking of which, my smash hit release Hits From The Bung 2 was nominated for best Anal-Themed Release. wish us luck!



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