No Joy In Bensonhoist, Cutler Derails Lesbian Choir In 1/2 Finals

him and the 25 interceptions he’s thrown over the last 14 games. he got us all of -1 point. that’s right NEGATIVE 1 point! he couldn’t even produce a positive result. my kicker, who was injured, technically still got me more points than my QB! if Cutler has even a halfway decent game, I probably would be singing his praises, and looking forward to the championship round. but, that’s not the way it played out.

ok, so maybe it wasn’t the smartest idea to start him against the Ravens defense (which I also started) and ok, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, to carry only one QB on my roster. but, this isn’t about my lack of managerial foresight. it’s about Jay Cutler, and his totally shit effort! I don’t care if he’s throwing to a bunch of CFL rejects. no NFL-calibre QB makes as many mistakes as he does. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB throw as many interceptions in the red zone as he has. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB try to force the ball in to triple coverage as much as he has.

the end result is that my beloved Bensonhoist Lesbian Choir lost by 10 measly points, 98-88, dashing our championship aspirations for yet another season. I am dreading our exit meeting with Mr. Steele on Thursday. “Hey Pete, where you goin’ with that axe in your hand?”

Jay Cutler


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