2009: The Most Bannerest Year Ever For huepow!

celebrating my first full calendar year of blogging on a regular basis, in my third different attempt to write a blog. it all came together for the corporate entity known as huepow in 2009.

we won the Pulitzer for our continuing coverage of the inferwebz sensation known as Ultimate Surrender. this blog was also voted the #1 source for obscure references to Xavier: Renegade Angel, which at last count, we had 139!

on the work front, I received a lifetime achievement for “Commitment To Excellence…In The Field Of Mediocrity” I was also nominated for “Most Sexually-Explicit Sales Technique Using A Telephoto Lens” I was the beneficiary a nice little financial windfall thanks to a hot stock tip on Better Buy.

went to a synagogue…to see Tim & Eric. James Quall was there! David Liebe Hart entertained the audience with his own unique brand of ventriloquism. Tim had his junk right in my face during “The Diarrhea Song” and I was like OOOOOH! got a bitchin’ T&E shirt, and Tim’s autograph after the show.

went to the Caps-Rangers Game 5. a game which will live in infamy, for the water bottle incident between Rangers coach John Tortorella, and Caps fans, who were sitting directly behind the Rangers bench. I was sitting in the next section over, and got an awesome pic of the fan being escorted out.

on the music front, I saw three of my favourite bands, Ween, Skinny Puppy, and GWAR:
July 16, 2009
Rams Head Live
Baltimore, MD

JAM -> I Can’t Put My Finger On It -> Transdermal Celebration -> The Grobe -> Gabrielle -> Bananas And Blow -> Learnin To Love -> She Fucks Me -> Even If You Don’t -> Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony? -> Porkroll Egg & Cheese -> Boy’s Club -> Buckingham Green -> The Stallion Part 3 -> Your Party -> I’ll Be Your Jonny On The Spot -> Object -> You Were The Fool -> Zoloft -> Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) -> Ohio -> Michael Jackson Tease (Claude/Glenn) -> Mononucleosis -> Sorry Charlie -> Woman And Man -> Slow Down Boy -> The Beacon Light -> Booze Me Up And Get Me High -> Fiesta -> ENCORE: Touch My Tooter -> Fat Lenny

November 1, 2009
Regency Ballroom
San Francisco, CA

Love In Vein -> Hatekill -> Addiction -> Dogshit -> Deadlines -> Politikil -> Pedafly -> Rodent -> Tormentor -> Pro-Test -> Morpheus Laughing -> Ugli -> Assimilate -> ENCORE: Worlock -> Far Too Frail

December 10, 2009
9:30 Club
Washington, DC

Metal Metal Land -> Saddam A Go-Go -> Lords and Masters -> The Apes of Wrath -> Tormentor -> Where Is Zog? -> Womb With A View -> Let Us Slay Play -> Maggots -> Immortal Corruptor -> Price of Peace -> Lust In Space ->
ENCORE: Bring Back The Bomb -> Have You Seen Me? -> Sick Of You

from the brain of huepow came two separate offerings from the fine folks at Kink. Matt dropped the Royal Madness match in August. Darling and Ariel X were team captains, picking teams of six. single round matches occured, and then the winners fucked the losers. I swear I posted something fairly similar to this on the Ultimate Surrender forums well over a year ago (before they started the tag team league) it involved teams of four, eliminations occured via submission or forced orgasm. when all members from one team were eliminated, the winning team gangbanged the losing team’s captain.

several weeks after this, Wired Pussy unveiled a fantasy role play shoot, starring Krissy Lynn, Asa Akira, and Tia Ling. Krissy was the gal who goes to a nail salon, where she is sexually abused by two hot manicurists. the names were changed, but I remember sending an email to some forumer on Whipped Ass, trying to get my storyline idea over. I remember blogging about it, shortly after the shoot went live, and I still have the sent email saved in my out…box-box-box

speaking of Kink, I flew cross-country (TWICE) for the primary purpose of attending a tag team match. I attended the match on July 24 Isis & Vendetta vs Dia & Yana. this match ended midway thru the 2nd round when Yana went down with a shoulder injury. they still went thru with round 4, as Isis and Vendetta dragged Darling out of the audience, and fucked her brains out. I also had the pleasure of meeting the wrestlers after the event. got a few autographs, and met the star of “Clown Porn” Mz. Hollie Stevens. got a picture with her in her clown mask too!

I was back out in San Francisco on Halloween weekend to attend the match featuring Isis & Vendetta vs Ariel X & Wenona. this was an awesome match, made even more special on two fronts. getting to meet my all-time favourite wrassler in AX. not to mention, the gal who attended the match with me personally knew both AX and Wenona. I chatted it up with Matt, got to hang out with Wenona, and had the pleasure of meeting Maitresse Madeline!

on my July trip to California, which we lovingly called “Complete Rectal Shutdown”, I also flew to Los Angeles to hang out with a few buddies I went to college with. I spent most of my time there, styling and profiling in my X:RA “The Biz” t-shirt in Hollywood, while they were busy working, trying to land acting gigs, etc. had the opportunity to try my hand at stand-up in front of potentially dozens of patrons. my friend told me at least 25% of the laughs I generated were genuine.

went to Comic-Con, where I bought a bitchin’ hellhammer shirt for $15! saw Ron Jeremy talking on his cell phone! my friend spent most of the day lamenting the new GI Joe movie…*FANBOY*

I bought a new camera (the Canon SD 780) and hi-def camcorder (the Canon HF-20) with the purchase of such technology, comes the burden of recording in a responsible fashion. we launched 18 different adult web sites, all of which failed within the first several weeks. now, I just sit around and record myself getting drunk.

tomorrow, it’s the year in pictures…


One Response to “2009: The Most Bannerest Year Ever For huepow!”

  1. Clint Says:

    Haha. This wrap-up covers a large gamut of topics! Good stuff. You’re one of the few people I know who is potentially as weird as I am. All the more reason that you need to hurry up and give your $30 to “Bob” NOW, before the Xists come. You want to be in the pleasure saucers, RIIIIGHT?

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