Ultimate Surrender – S7E16 – (9) Tia Ling vs. Ally Ann

welcome back, Tia Ling! she is an AZN stunna straight outta Cleveland, who loves anal sex! one of season 6’s creme de la face of the rookie class. she is looking to build off a run that took her to the 1/4 final round of Summer Vengeance III. Matt has labeled her the most energetic pound-for-pound wrestler on the roster, with a skillset that continues to improve with each match.

Ally Ann is back for her second match. no one will ever forget the Power Puff’s first match, where after being brutalized for 24 minutes by Isis Love, she was unceremoniously fisted in her vagina during round 4…prompting one of the loudest “HOLY SHIT!!!” chants ever recorded. what would Ally provide us with for an encore?

Tia Ling has officially been elevated to “veteran” status. and with this promotion, comes great responsibility. that responsibility being that you must punish, humiliate, and fuck the ever-loving shit out of your noob opponent. Tia delivers on all counts! after racking up an impressive 529-55 victory, Tia proceeds to tie Ally’s hands behind her back, fuck her in a variety of positions, and then makes her eat that pussy ’til she cums. nicely played, Tia!

a new year, and a new update schedule for Ultimate Surrender. singles matches will be posted on Fridays. tag matches will be posted round-by-round every Tuesday, starting with the Ariel X & Wenona vs. Ami Emerson & Holly Heart match that was taped back on Dec. 4. winner meets Isis & Vendetta in the tag team championship on Jan. 22

there are a few changes to my top 10. with Tia’s return, we have removed Ami Emerson. Wenona and Amber each move up a spot:

01 Ariel X (3-0)
02 Vendetta (1-0)
03 Dragon Lily (2-0)
04 Dia Zerva (2-0)
05 Darling (1-0)
06 Isis Love (3-0)
07 Wenona (1-0)
08 Amber Rayne (2-0)
09 Tia Ling (1-0)
10 Rain DeGrey (1-1)

Tia vs. Ally
Tia Ling makes triumphant return to Ultimate Surrender


6 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E16 – (9) Tia Ling vs. Ally Ann”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Interesting to speculate where a trained-up Angelica Saige might slot into your ranking. I think she might beat all the girls below Isis in due course, given her strength and fitness. Is Ami officially retired from singles contests?

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    hmmm, if Angelica reaches her potential, she could beat Amber, Tia, and Rain. I’m curious to see how her match turned out with Winter Sky. was it a slow-paced grind-it out type match like Rain vs. Mellanie Monroe…or did Angelica thoroughly dominate, putting to good use what she learned from her match with Dia…

    as far as Ami goes, I think she fulfilled her obligations with the tag team league, and is finished wrestling. I hope I’m wrong about this, but I’ve heard nothing to the contrary to make me think otherwise…

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Winter Sky, who admits she loves being ravaged on the mat, did actually score some 30 or so points against Angelica, which suggests the latter still has a bit to learn about dominating opponents. Hopefully the match gave her a taste for wearing the dildo and sticking it into porn sluts’ pussies in Rd4. She will have to pay her dues before she is ranked but I have high hopes.
    Pity about Ami, she’s a natural wrestler who could have got a lot better.

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    Do you know whether Kink has approached Carmella Bing about wrestling for US? She is 5ft 10 ins, has a chunky but flexible bod and a high pain threshold, judging by her willingness to be brutally gangfucked by men who look like repeat sex offenders who have found an outlet. These scenes often involve her in being repeatedly slapped, deep throated and roughly penetrated in all holes, sometimes simultaneously. Tia Ling is another frequent gangbang victim who has become a useful wrestler so there may be a theme here. Perhaps Isis could have a word when she’s at Brazzers.

  5. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    if Carmella has shot for Kink, chances are Matt has approached her about wrasslin’

    and after further review, it appears as tho Ami Emerson will indeed be back in season 7, HOORAY!!!

  6. Ringmaster Says:

    I’m not sure Carmella ever has been whipped, fucked or humiliated for fees on any of Kink’s sites. I think she would be a useful addition to US, whether or not she can wrestle.
    Great news about Ami. After having my appetite whetted by the recent tag team contest, I can’t wait to see her and Bella decide who is the toughest slut in a singles contest. The Rd4 after that should be especially nasty.
    I’d also like to see Bella box topless with another big-titted slave on The Upper Floor. It’s the sort after dinner entertainment I would put on up there if I had anything to do with it. Five one minute rounds in sparring gloves. Dick sucking between rounds. Loser gets gangbanged.

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