I Like A Fine Snake(hand) Wine

and so I had my first suck from the meat cup of having just my first ever sip from the teat of a Vietnamese libation known as…SNAKE WINE!!! the recipe called for one snake, one scorpion, a gallon of water fromst which the elderly took their batheses, some rubbing alcohol, and for punch, a pinch of paprika for protection. it tasted like burning! I only poured myself a half-shot. at least I didn’t go blind. after all, me finks masturbation will take care of that occular hideocracy.

there was also the business of a chili cook-off to attend to, where I sampled about six or seven various offerings. not to mention, there was some sexy time dip! plenty of folks there trying to capture my soul via their primitive photo-capturing devices. one woman had a Canon Rebel XSi, which she claimed she didn’t know how to use, and I was like NICE-NICE-NICE…I wore my Xavier “The Biz” shirt for the first time, since my Halloween weekend trip to San Francisco. I passed out around 3 AM, after getting my arseses handed to me in several rounds of SoulCalibur…TWO!!!

there’s another party tonite. I’m thinking about wearing the Skinny Puppy “In Solvent See” tour shirt I bought at a show I was at in November. not quite as bitchin’ as that Xavier t-shirt (altho nothing ever will be) but it gets the job DONE-DONE-DONE…



One Response to “I Like A Fine Snake(hand) Wine”

  1. Clint Says:

    I kinda wish I’d gotten try the snake wine, but I was sOOOO FULLLL from chili! Good times!

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