I Just Ate The Hell Out Of That Pineapple Pizza

mayhaps it was the hangover from the epic NYE chili cookoff, but it seemed like a lighter than expected turnout for Saturday nite’s birthday throwdown. 80% of my set was comprised of material I used two days prior, but no one seemed to notice.

one gift caught my attention, inspiring me to come up with my own Onion-esque headline, which I will unveil, once I get a pic. I was also able to work a coupla Xavier references in to conversations thruout the nite.

I treated everyone to pizza. it was the Pizza Hut 5-5-5 deal. I ordered one pineapple pizza, knowing no one else would eat it, and I was hungry as a muthafuck! I left the other two pizzas for whoever else wanted them.

after stuffing my face with ~6 slices, I mosied on over to the game room to play some Guitar Hero: Metallica, where I entertained partygoers with my own unique vocal stylings on the Mercyful Fate medley and Master of Puppets.

I talked with a tude brah of mine who was at the Skinny Puppy show in DC. we both agreed that it was a hella awesome show.

also met another tude brah who had a bitchin’ Residents shirt on. it wasn’t long after that I made the decision to attend the Residents show on Feb. 7. somebody tell hipsterscum he should go too!

The Residents

P.S.- can someone say tenso pic? I think we got a classic…


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