Isis Loves Her Wii Fit

my affinity for Ultimate Surrender is well-documented on this blog. while I respect every gal who steps on the mat, there are a certain few who I take a particular rooting interest in: ARIEL X, DRAGON LILY, and ISIS LOVE

it was eight months ago, that I first began to make preparations for my California vacation, which included a quick pit stop in San Francisco, to attend my first Ultimate Surrender match! the catalyst for this entire trip was when I found out that Isis had become Vendetta’s partner in the tag league (replacing Kirra Lynne)

July 24, 2009 – Vendetta and Isis wrestled Dia Zerva and Yana Jordan. unfortunately, Yana was injured midway thru round 2, forcing a premature end to the match. however, I had the pleasure of meeting the performers after the match. most notably, Isis, who was kind enough to autograph my program, and take a few minutes to chew the swap with me about all things jizz biz related. I remember her mentioning a scene she did for Bang Bros. where she squirted on a ping pong table.

it wasn’t long after I had returned back to DC, when I happened to be perusing facebook, and noticed Isis had posted her amazon wishlist. with her birthday fast approaching, I decided to send her a gift. not just a birthday gift, but also as a thank you for making my vacation so fucking awesome! after all, she was the one who recommended I stay at the W Hotel, which is still the swankiest mutha fuckin’ hotel I’ve ever been to!

I sent her a Wii and Wii Fit…several months past, and I waited and wondered if it had even arrived. since I had no physical address, I was playing off a hunch that she was still regularly working for Kink. so I sent both items to Kink HQ, at The Armory.

I had the pleasure of again watching her and Vendetta wrestle in October, this time against Ariel X and Wenona. this was the best match they’ve done, in the brief history of the tag league. the “loser train” in round 4 was surely a sight to behold! sorry to say, I never got a chance to ask Isis about her Wii, and the wait continued…

lo and behold, several days ago, I received word from the Goddess…of Sodomy, herself, that she received both Wii and Wii Fit, and she was loving it. well, I don’t think I need to tell you that I was pretty fucking excited to hear this! she asked for my address, and said she would be sending something my way! so keep your eyes peeled for a follow-up column. I do believe, huepow and Isis, shall be the bosomest of Ultimate Surrender brahs…


P.S.- can someone please ask Dragon Lily to add me on facebook, kthxbye!


2 Responses to “Isis Loves Her Wii Fit”

  1. Clint Says:

    She made a grammatical error in her autograph!! 🙂

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Don’t settle for anything less than her unwashed panties from the tag team final.

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