Today’s The Day I Joined

b/c I totally shat a perfect letter “C” back on January 6! I’ve never been so excited to show off my excrement in all my life. I uploaded the photo, and I’m waiting for it to be approved by site admins. I guess there’s plenty of other freaks out there who enjoy taking photos of their poop. on a scale of 1-10, I would give my little turdlet a solid 8. it had the shape, definition, and came out nice and hard, just like a Christmas fruitcake.

I would just like to thank Life cereal, the two bran muffins, the powdered donut, and the cup of coffee I drank, for helping concoct the perfect storm in my bowels, whut done brought this magical dump in to my life. I also wish to thank my Canon SD 780 for capturing the image in 12 MP glory! no flash was necessary, and I think you’ll find the overall composition of my baby “C” to be breathtaking. nice detail work on the TP i used to wipe my arseses.

keep watching this site for random updates as to how teh inferwebz are rating my poo…

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