Totally For Teens

if you like Wonder Showzen, then you’ll like Totally For Teens. pretty much the same premise, with show creator, Derrick Beckles, starring as the host of a variety show for kids. Vernon Chatman (PFFR) and Ari Fishman (The Daily Show) served as co-producers. this was a 12-minute pilot that has yet to air, but was released by [adult swim] as part of a dvd box set in October.

sadly, the imbeciles at [adult swim] couldn’t program their way out of a cardboard bag, and declined to pick this up as a series. special guest appearances by John the Stutterer (Howard Stern Show) and Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids)

please to enjoy this pictorial tribute to T4T…

T4T creator, Derrick Beckles as Grand Wizard, Derrick Beckles

Leo Fitzpatrick as Mookie, Miss Teen USA

John the Stutterer as himself

T4T sponsor, Drastic Pickles



2 Responses to “Totally For Teens”

  1. Clint Says:

    This was good. I’m definitely going to have to watch it again.

  2. Clint Says:

    Hey – maybe you should edit this post to embed the YouTube videos I took when I saw Derrick Beckles play Totally For Teens live at the TV Carnage party that Thu Tran of Food Party was at in Baltimore last year, when she signed our cutting boards?

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