Tude Brah Who Bought A Camera From Me Scores Goal

back in September, I had the pleasure of meeting one of Washington’s local sports celebrities, Caps D Tom Poti. he was there to buy an SLR camera, and I was all too happy to oblige him with a Canon Rebel XSi. he didn’t mind talking a little hockey, during our brief encounter. being the savvy hockey fan that I am, I gave him a few pointers for the upcoming season:
solid back-checking thru the neutral zone, I said
step up more in the attack zone, by filling the high slot area, I said
slam Sean Avery head-first in to a glass partition, I said

the NHL would not look too kindly on that last one, but the other two were solid pieces of advice. GOOD ADVICE, IT’S SO NICE, FROM ME!!!

I was chillin, watchin the Caps pound the Maple Leafs in to dust last nite. when, wouldn’t you know it, Tom Poti scored the sixth and final goal for the Caps in their 6-1 rout of Toronto. oh yeah, and some guy named Ovechkin had a goal and four assists, no big whoop!

Rebel XSi


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