My Ringback Tone Done Expired

as we reported earlier today via a facebook status update, my Ween “Fiesta” ringback tone expired at 12:01 AM today. and that’s bad news for the seven ppl who call me on a regular basis. it was a good year of folks calling me up and saying “hey, what the fuck kinda music you got playing on your cell phone? what are you, some sorta Chinaman?” no, it’s just Ween, brah!

it was only $2.49 to renew for another year, but sadly, I couldn’t afford it, b/c I’m just a schlep who works in retail. we are pleased to report that my Skinny Puppy “Assimilate” ringtone is still in full effect!

editor’s note: this ringtone should not be exposed to pregnant women, men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, or ppl with heart conditions



One Response to “My Ringback Tone Done Expired”

  1. Clint Says:

    On an Android phone, if you want something as a ringtone, you just move the file to it. Pretty nice. Tho yours isn’t really a ringtone, it’s hold music… I don’t know of a feature like that that anyone else has used. Hmm.

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