I Done Watched Me Up Some More Failed [adult swim] Pilots The Other Day

Welcome To Eltingville is like Clerks with teenagers, instead of thirty-somethings. the story focuses on four friends who are embroiled in an epic quest to see who can come up with the money for a mint-condition Boba Fett action figure. I only checked this out b/c mc chris was in it (albeit, ever so briefly) mc chris also has a song called “Fett’s Vette” other than that, I didn’t care for this one. I give it a 4…out of 10

Korgoth of Barbaria is like Conan the Barbarian meets Heavy Metal, with a dash of Brock Samson (Venture Bros.) thrown in for good measure. Korgoth is voiced by Diedrich Bader (Drew Carey Show) in this episode, Korgoth is enlisted to steal an item known as “The Golden Goblin of the Fourth Age” this show had it all, sex, violence, humour, and a storyline whut done held my attention the entire 22+ min. this shoulda been turned in to a series I give it an 8…out of 10

Welcome to Eltingville
mc chris in Welcome to Eltingville

Korgoth of Barbaria


One Response to “I Done Watched Me Up Some More Failed [adult swim] Pilots The Other Day”

  1. Clint Says:

    Dude. Eltingville was awesome and shoulda been a series! Leave Eltingville alone!!!

    I daresay I liked it better than Korgoth… but it’s kind of an apples and oranges comparison. Both should have been made into 100,000 seasons!

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