Ultimate Surrender – S7E20 – Angelica Sage vs. Winter Sky

The Reporters Who Cover Lesbian Sexfighting were all over this story more than a month ago, when Angelica Sage tweeted that she had defeated Winter Sky in an Ultimate Surrender contest.

here’s the official write-up from Matt:

Every year about this time the membership starts chirping about putting the girls with just one match up against an opponent they might be able to beat. Wouldn’t that be a great match! They will learn so much! Wrestler are not going to learn how to wrestle if they wrestle good opponents, they have to wrestle girls of their own experience

The Membership has gotten its wish! Do not miss next weeks battle from hell, 24 minutes of pure unadulterated carnage on a biblical scale. Nothing in your short life has prepared you for the brutal devastation and complete annihilation that you will witness!!! YOU HAVE BEEN FORWARNED!!!!

ok, so mot much to say about this one, when our two wrestlers have each only wrestled once before. Angelica Sage was shut out by Dia Zerva back in week 8, 868-0. Winter Sky was destroyed by reigning Summer Vengeance champion, Ariel X, in week 35 of last season, 1420-2.

several forumers report Matt was seen stifling a yawn at the beginning of round 2. this was one of the tamer matches we’ve seen at Ultimate Surrender. you won’t see any innovative holds, any hot pussy fingering action, any long passionate kisses, any forced face sitting, no none of that. what you got here, is a coupla noobs just trying to get by. Angelica wins 341-8.

with the top 10 already loaded with veteran talent, a win by Angelica only moves her in to the upper half…of the bottom half of the Ultimate Surrender table. a 12…out of 21.

Angelica Sage


3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E20 – Angelica Sage vs. Winter Sky”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    Okay it doesn’t take much to beat the hopeless Winter Sky but Angelica did it with a minimum of fuss and hopefully got a taste for waering the strap-on and fucking losers. Some want to see her wrestle Jayden Cole, which would be a pointless exercise. She should face a series of Top 10 wrestlers starting with Dragon and Ariel X. Then she should fight either Tia Ling or Amber Rayne to see if she deserves to join the top flight. Angelica is the ultimate wrestling babe and I am so envious of the porn studs who get to nail her.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Angelica has the phattest ass in Ultimate Surrender, next to Dragon Lily. there’s a match Matt should book for this season! maybe down the road, they can be partners in the tag league. I think if Matt were to put Angelica up against Jayden, he would probably have a meltdown during the match, hehehe. I’d also love to see Isis tear that ass up in round 4!

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Yeah, Isis would also be a good opponent for Angelica, as would Ami Emerson. Many US bitches will want to get their hands on Angelica. Who wouldn’t want to say they have beaten and fucked the reigning Miss Erotica LA in woman to woman nekkid wrestling? We can only hope that her fuckfilm career doesn’t get in the way of her sexfighting.

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