Johnny Huepow: AHL Legend

he rocked minor league hockey rinks from Manitoba to Bridgeport, Connecticut. he is the only man to take a 5-minute major for sodomizing an opponent with the butt end of a hockey stick, and then come back to score the game-winning goal. after spending half a season with the Washington Capitals AHL affiliate in Hershey, Johnny Huepow is ready to take the NHL by storm.

his trademark between the legs wristshot stupefied many an AHL goalie. Huepow was among the league leaders in goals (19) assists (34) and points (53). his self-appointed theme song, Moistboyz “Captain America” blasted over the PA every time he scored a goal.

of his call-up to Washington, Huepow said “it’s about fucking time they elevated me to the main squad. it was a lot of fun playing in Hershey, but after a while, you just get tired of beating up on scrubs and or scrotes like the Adirondack Phantoms.”

Huepow will be placed on the Caps second line with Brooks Laich and Mike Knuble. he is expected to make his NHL debut when the team visits Montreal on Feb. 10

Huepow receives 5-minute major for aggravated sodomy…

…then comes back to score the game-winning goal!


2 Responses to “Johnny Huepow: AHL Legend”

  1. Clint Says:

    Hehehe.. i thought this was real 🙂

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    the sodomy was real

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