Ultimate Surrender – S7E21 – (6) Isis Love vs. Krystal Main

Ultimate Surrender had been cast in to bizarro world in the last coupla weeks. referees nearly lapsing in to comas! matches ending in ties! (what is this soccer?!?) who would step up to right this ship? who would step up and say “enough is enough, I’ve got to whoop a noobs ass, and then fuck the shit out of her in round 4!”

and here cums The Goddess…of Sodomy. if it weren’t for the return of Dragon Lily, she would be the clear-cut winner for cumback of the year! she is the most active veteran thus far in season 7, having already racked up 3 impressive victories over hapless noobs. she is also fresh off her tag team championship run with Vendetta.

Krystal Main is known as “The Demon” is she beast or is she human, is she just like you, power seething, really reeling, reaching out for you! is she demon? we need to know! one thing we do know is that she contacted Matt about beating up some porn bitches. she does have some wrestling experience and hails from Madison, Wisconsin.

was there ever any doubt as to who would win this match? the great thing about watching Isis wrestle the noobs, is that she likes to toy with them. giving them false hope, only to rip orgasm after orgasm out of their quivering bodies, as they lay prone on the mat. with her 883-161 victory over Ms. Main, Isis has now won each of her 4 matches this season, by an average of 900 points! even tho Isis is officially placed 6th on my power rankings, she is at the top of her game, and is a legitimate contender for Summer Vengence IV.

Vendetta has improved her record to 3-0 vs. Ariel X on the tag team circuit. V and her new partner, Tara Lynn Fox, squeaked by with a 15 point victory over AX and Mellanie Monroe, 857-842. according to Matt, the match may have turned in round 1, when AX and The Cowgirl were unable to use one of their tags. we had a Princess Donna sighting in the audience tonite! unfortunately, she didn’t do much in round 4, other than choking the losers, and having them lick her very groovy boots.


6 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E21 – (6) Isis Love vs. Krystal Main”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    That’s an interesting result in the tag team which may prove my point about Mellanie’s potential if she can add stamina and skills to her size and undoubted enthusiasm.
    Time for Isis to face quality opposition and get those tits groped, butt spanked and her asshole reamed.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      yeah, I gotta say I underestimated Mellanie’s skillz. I’m looking forward to her next singles match.
      Isis has the edge only b/c her partner has the most experience, but it sure would be nice to see her pained expression while she’s being anally reamed by someone like Dragon (June 5)

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    Time for the Mellanie Monroe fitness video in which she boxes naked with Angelica Saige, wrestles two shemales in a tag team with partner Isis Love followed by a gangbang in which all five combatants are roughly fucked in all holes in the ring by an interacial gang of meatheads. That should keep her fit.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    As far as Isis getting on the receiving end in Rd4, I think we have more chance of seeing it in single competition, where she will have to wrestle one of the elite sooner or later. In the absence of a gushing squirter, Dia would be my favourite to give her a good dildo-up-ass going over followed by a long and satisfying facesit.

  4. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    Isis and Tia are the odds-on favourites to run the tables in the tag team league. I doubt Matt will put her up against anyone her own caliber until Summer Vengeance. and even then, she has the ability to beat any other gal currently ranked ahead of her.

  5. Ringmaster Says:

    Dragon and Ashley versus Ariel and Mellanie will be interesting. Dragon gave Mellanie a tremendous Rd4 pounding up against the wall and it will be interesting to see how the big girl gets her revenge. Surely some vigorous DP action in prospect as the Dragon’s holes are ravaged by two freaky fuckers.

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