Kreator Out, Alice In Chains In

these are the difficult decisions one must make. both Kreator and Alice In Chains are playing shows in the DC area on March 3, and I’ve decided to attend the AIC show. (sorry, Clint) this was based primarily on the fact that recent AIC setlists indicate that I would know approx. 80% of the songs being played. whereas, I’m not that familiar with anything Kreator’s done since Coma of Souls, which came out in 1990. another factor in my decision, was that I have always wanted to see AIC. I’ve seen Kreator once before at Jaxx about 4 years ago with Napalm Death. this decision was made even more difficult, b/c this is Kreator’s 25th Anniversary tour, and they are saying they will be playing some classic songs they don’t usually play live! I’ll be fucking kicking myself indefinitely if they end up playing Pleasure To Kill in it’s entirety. if these shows were on different dates, I would definitely attend both. Alice In Chains will be the first of three really big shows I’ll be seeing within the span of six weeks!

Megadeth on the Rust In Peace tour at 9:30 club on March 15
Faith No More at The Warfield April 12 (first US show in 11+ years!)

Alice In Chains
Paramount Theater
Seattle, WA
All Secrets Known -> It Ain’t Like That -> Again -> Check My Brain -> Them Bones -> Dam That River -> Rain When I Die -> Your Decision -> No Excuses -> Love, Hate, Love -> A Looking In View -> Nutshell -> Sickman -> Junkhead -> Lesson Learned -> We Die Young -> Acid Bubble -> Angry Chair -> Man in the Box -> Encore: Would? -> Rooster


3 Responses to “Kreator Out, Alice In Chains In”

  1. Clint Says:

    I don’t care for that AIC playlist… But at least they play Love Hate Love and the 2 obvious songs (Man In The Box, We Die Young).

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