The Great Hard Drive Crash Of Ott-9

well, I’m once again snowbound here in the bowels of northern virginia, so I reckon I’ll take this opportunity to regale you with the story of the time my hard drive done crashed. you gotta go all the way back to that magical time of October 2009.

it was the morning of the 3rd. I was looking forward to this date, b/c I had tix for the Caps home opener. I awoke to the sound of water running. I was still kinda buzzed from the previous evening’s drinking session, so I thought someone was doing some laundry. then I remembered that there was no one else in the house. so I jumped out of bed, and bolted downstairs. to my dismay, one of the hoses under the kitchen sink had burst, and there was already an inch of water on the kitchen floor. to make matters worse, it had already begun running down in to the basement.

long story short, I borrowed my neighbor’s wetvac, and within a few hours, things were once again moving along swimmingly. Caps beat the Leafs 6-4, no big whoop…

but that’s around the same time my compooter started to go downhill. within a month, it wouldn’t even power on. so one of the drives was salvaged, and it happened to be the one that had the bulk of my mp3s on it. three months later, I finally get around to restoring the rest of the stuff I had backed up on CD-Rs to my new hard drive. yes, today was the day I regained 100% access to all my mp3s (which is somewhere in the area of 15,000+)

P.S.- I’m out of beer and donuts! it’s getting hectic in here, brah!

yeah, dump dem pooters, boy! dump ’em all, hahaha!


One Response to “The Great Hard Drive Crash Of Ott-9”

  1. Clint Says:

    Hmmm. It probably just needed a new power supply ($75-$150, 10-30 minute replacement time).

    I had no clue you went this long! Best get Karen’s Replicator and maintain 2 copies on 2 harddrives at all times!

    We still have lots of liquor, but are running low on wine. Never did go to the grocery.. before any of the snow.

    See you saturday. HOpefully shit is cleared up more by then.

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