Ultimate Surrender – S7E22 – (10) Tia Ling vs. Ashley Jane

stop the presses, we received word that Tia Ling has made Ultimate Surrender history! with the recent unveiling of the pairings for the new season of Ultimate Surrender 2.0, Tia Ling became the first wrestler to be DP’d by her former and future tag team partner. flashback, if you will, to the July 2009 update where Tia and Ami Emerson clashed with Ariel X and Wenona. Isis Love was sitting in the front row, and donned a strap-on during round 4. proving once again why she is the Goddess…of Sodomy, she took the liberty of helping Ariel X fuck the shit out of both Tia’s holes…with sexy results.

Tia was victorious in her return match against Ally Ann, and now has the privilege of putting another noob thru the paces. Ms. Ling is a top 10 wrestler, who will join with one half of the reigning tag champions this season, Isis Love. after today’s impressive display, we get a better idea of why Tia and Isis are the favourites to win tag team gold.

Ashley Jane is Amber Rayne Lite. she is a 90 lb. ball of sexual energy, who needs to be taught the intricacies of Ultimate Surrender. she was beaten soundly by 900+ points in her debut match by the aforementioned Ms. Rayne. it’s a learning experience for Ashley, who will also be competing in the new tag team season with Dragon Lily. DL fanboys stay vigilant! The Dragon’s butthole may be in constant jeopardy on the tag team circuit…with sexy results.

big-ups to Tia, as she records her first career shutout in Ultimate Surrender, and the fourth overall this season. in control from the start, Tia fingers Ashley at will, leaving her a helpless, moaning, sexy mess. Tia caps off her 907-0 victory with a good old-fashioned anal reaming in round 4. Ashley is the smallest competitor on the site, but I give her a lot of credit for not quitting. also gotta give her propz for wrestling in the tag league. with a partner like Dragon, she is in good hands.



3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E22 – (10) Tia Ling vs. Ashley Jane”

  1. KB Says:

    Having doubts on my bet on the Pirates after this, Tia may be a greater force than I anticipated…

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      Tia is gonna make a big splash in Summer Vengeance this year! it’s great to have her back. she is the best “second-tier” wrestler in the tag team league. I think her skillset complements Isis perfectly. I look forward to seeing them in tag action!

  2. Ringmaster Says:

    You have to admire Ashley Jane for putting her cute, nekkid bod on the line when she knew she would end up on all fours with a grunting gangbang freak ramming a dildo into her asshole.
    Tia can take this kind of treatment as well as dish it – remember her fight with Amy Emerson. Look forward to the tag match against Vendetta amd Tara. That should be a classic, with Tara taking some severe butt punishment if her team loses. Will Isis squirt on Vendetta’s face?

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