Build Your Own Kreator Setlist

NASA scientists have confirmed that Kreator 86-89 is the best. and with the recent announcement that the world’s greatest East German thrash metal band was embarking on their 25th Anniversary tour, came word that they would be dusting off some classic gems that they hardly ever play live. so here’s my own fantasy setlist:

Choir Of The Damned
Ripping Corpse
Storming With Menace
Terrible Certainty
Some Pain Will Last
Toxic Trace
Behind The Mirror
Pleasure To Kill
Awakening Of The Gods
Take Their Lives
Riot Of Violence
Extreme Aggression
Impossible To Cure
Flag Of Hate

of course, probably only a handful of these songs will be played at any given show, but it’s always nice to dream…


3 Responses to “Build Your Own Kreator Setlist”

  1. Clint Says:

    Mine would probably be more Extreme Aggression-centric. But I would enjoy this setlist greatly.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    one of my favourite show anecdotes is the tale of you getting your cassette copy of “Extreme Aggression” signed by Kreator, while they were standing around backstage, talking German. Great Job!

    • Clint Says:

      It was actually outside by their tour bus, as nobody was allowed into the club, because Kreator canceled the show AFTER everyone arrived. I finally found the cassette! It’s finally in the scan box, to eventually be scanned… when we get a working scanner again someday.

      I believe it was in Manassas, at some club I never did ever step into in my life, due to the cancelation.

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