Yeah, But Are They Gonna Play “Five Magics”, Brah?

IGRO chief music correspondent, Dr. Milminiman Lanillim Swimwamly, sent word yesterday that Dave Mustaine had unveiled the entire setlist for Megadeth’s upcoming tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of Rust In Peace. in addition to playing Rust in it’s entirety, the following songs will comprise the first half of their set:

* Set The World Afire
* Wake Up Dead
* In My Darkest Hour
* Sweating Bullets
* Skin O’ My Teeth
* Head Crusher
* A Tout Le Monde
* Symphony Of Destruction
* Trust
* Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?

considering I am not familiar with anything past Countdown To Extinction I’m pleased to report that I find this setlist extremely satisfying. 16 out of 19 for an 84.2% success rate in terms of songs I readily know. too bad they didn’t include anything from Killing Is My Business… but it’s no easy feat trying to condense 25 years of music in to a 90+ minute set. click here to read Dave’s official announcement. the March 15 show at 9:30 Club is SOLD OUT!!!

in other news, the world waits patiently for KREATOR to unveil their setlist for the upcoming 25th anniversary tour…



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