Playing With Used Condoms Not As Much Fun As It Sounds

b/c eventually you’ll wind up getting addicted to crack, and then harvesting other ppl’s limbs, in order to create your own walking, talking abomination.

such was the storyline for the 3rd episode of season 7, of the Aqua Steam Cleaning Force. apparently, the Aqua Teens neighbourhood has become a high traffic area for prostitution. Frylock constructs a mascot made out of used prophylactics, empty beer bottles, and needles, as a means to promote safe sex. things go awry when Meatwad borrows Carl’s New York Football Giants lamp to use as a hat for Lance, his new friend…

a lot of ppl I talked to liked the previous week’s episode, which I wasn’t all that hot on. this week’s episode was much better (and funnier) I give it 4 dismembered limbs…out of 5!



One Response to “Playing With Used Condoms Not As Much Fun As It Sounds”

  1. Clint Says:

    I know I watched this.. but I just don’t remember it very well! Heh.

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