Testament To Play “The Legacy” In It’s Entirety

as if the announcement that Megadeth would be playing Rust In Peace in it’s entirety on it’s month-long tour in March wasn’t enough, Testament lead singer Chuck Billy announced that they would be playing their first (and arguably greatest) album The Legacy in it’s entirety! read the entire story here

not to be outdone, opening act, Exodus, announced they would be playing an extended 45-minute jam version of “The Toxic Waltz” featuring a life-sized cardboard cutout of former guitarist Kirk Hammett, who went on to play for some band called Metallica, PFFFT!


2 Responses to “Testament To Play “The Legacy” In It’s Entirety”

  1. Clint Says:

    You’re joking about the 45-minute thing, right? Plllease be joking. I want to hear that song, but not for 45 minutes, haha.

    As for THE LEGACY, that’s soooooooooo friggin’ awesome!!

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    umm, well, according to Exodus web site, this will be their 25th Anniversary tour…so perhaps they’ll be playing their debut album Bonded by Blood, in it’s entirety! I don’t really care if we get there early enough to see that, but Testament and Megadeth, FUCK YEAH!!!

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