Ultimate Surrender – S7E24 – (4) Dia Zerva vs. (10) Rain DeGrey

and here we have out first meeting of top 10 opponents this season. in one corner is Dia Zerva aka “The Iron Maiden” the ex-marine racked up over 1000 points in each of her first two matches, which both ended in shutouts. last year’s regular season champion looks to continue the trend against one of Ultimate Surrender’s up-and-cummers.

in the other corner is rookie of the year candidate, Rain DeGrey. she has faced the most difficult level of competition of any of the wrestlers this season. losses to Amber Rayne and Bella Rossi were sandwiched around a victory over Mellanie Monroe. there is great hope that with Matt’s tough love progam, Rain will eventually break thru to the elite class of Ultimate Surrender.

Dia showed no mercy on Rain, once again breaking 1000 points and registering her league-leading third shutout. Dia trapped Rain in crushing head and body scissors, brutal chin and head locks. she received little resistance from Rain when fingering her pussy, and forcing her to cum on the mat. Dia strapon fucked Rain right up her hippie ass in round 4. a recurring theme in each of Ms. DeGrey’s three losses.

despite a #4 ranking, you’ve gotta like Dia’s chances against any of the three gals currently ranked ahead of her. Rain retains her spot in the top 10, as she represents the best of the new class Ultimate Surrender has to offer in season 7.



3 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E24 – (4) Dia Zerva vs. (10) Rain DeGrey”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    This match underlines that there is a huge gulf between the top 4 wrestlers and the rest. Rather than bringing in rookie pornstars and painsluts with no idea how to wrestle, what about getting experienced women from other sites, perhaps even veterans, who will be harder to beat. The lure of hard cash and regular work may be enough to overcome inhibitions about nekkid sexfighting. Women like Christine Dupree, Hurricana Havana or Viktoria and Denise from DWW would provide more of a challenge than some sub who is more used to having her tits whipped on Hogtied.

  2. KB Says:

    While Rain has had anything but an easy ride, I wouldn’t say her set of matches against Amber, Mellanie and Bella sound tougher than Tara’s set against Darling, Isis and Dragonlily. :p

    The top 4 (5 if we get Darling back) is indeed pretty distinct, but this has often been the case. Ariel and Darling worked their way from around Rain’s level, up to the highest tier of wrestler at US, and Ariel’s first US match was her 11th shoot for kink, so have patience for the new girls, most of them won’t reach the top, but it’ll be worth it when some do.

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    I agree, KB, that the quality of newbies has increased. There are fewer now who see US as just another shoot and more who regard it as a sport they want to be good at.
    Talking of Darling, her appearance on Device Bondage reveals that she now has a huge, round pair of pendulous south-facing bazookas which will increase her earning capacity as a porn slut but may be a handicap when she goes up against an elite wrestler. It is now just about impossible to grapple with her without scoring points for tit fondling.
    Her next clash with Isis will be the mammary of all battles! Perhaps it should be sponsored by a cosmetic surgery clinic.
    Darling looks like a floppy titted cream puff with her new juggs so it would be good to get a feisty, ambitious and fit young noob in with her and watch the smile get wiped off the newcomer’s face as the painful holds and relentless tit-smothering take their toll.

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