Today Feels Like A Tim & Eric T-Shirt Kinda Wearing Day

that’s right! I’m wearing my T&E shirt underneath my work shirt, protocol be damned! working until 4…Hops for happy hour…hafta be to Clintolynplastia by 6…then it’s off to Mt. Pleasant to do some stand-up at a new comedy club called the Fuck Shop. hopefully, I’ll have some time to watch some stuff today. I also have a meeting tomorrow morning regarding Better Buy’s annual inventory count. you either work during the day, or count product until 2 AM. I’m hoping I draw the former. I almost had a meltdown yesterday at work, b/c my request for vacation time in April was temporarily denied (EGO CRUSHER!!!) fortunately, we resolved the issue, and my vacation time is once again approved! apparently, there’s more than one Percy Handfisher that works at my store, sorry for the confusion.

The Money Pit

One Response to “Today Feels Like A Tim & Eric T-Shirt Kinda Wearing Day”

  1. Clint Says:

    yea you better get here early, we got a lot of stuff to watch 🙂 wonder if Mark will rear his head

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