Percy Handfisher Updates An Alice In Chains Setlist

Alice In Chains joins an exclusive list of bands who I never thought I would see play live. a list that includes the likes of Celtic Frost and Skinny Puppy.

having postponed the previous evening’s show due to illness, I wasn’t really sure whether this show was going to happen. as I had previously erroneously reported on this here fountain of misinformation known as my blog, I was already making plans to attend the Kreator show.

I’m happy to report that even tho Jerry Cantrell was feeling like shit, the show went on as planned, and I’m glad I went! I dicked around on tickets the last time they came thru (9:30 Club), and by the time I decided I wanted to go, tix were sold out.

the setlist was 18 songs deep, and was pretty evenly distributed throughout their better albums:
six songs off Black Gives Way To Blue; five songs off Dirt (which is arguably their best album); four songs off Facelift; two songs off the Sap EP; 1 song off the self-titled album.

for everyone that complains about Alice In Chains, and how William DuVall is a copycat Layne Staley, I would whole-heartedly disagree. William has his own unique vocal style he brings to each song. even tho Jerry was under the weather, his guitar playing and singing were spot-on. the three weeks I spent listening to the new album before the show paid off. and while they played half of the album, they didn’t play my personal fave, “Last Of My Kind”, which I heard is pretty good live.

random notes from the show:
Love, Hate, Love was awesome to hear live! according to, this is one that has been played at fewer than half of the shows on the tour…Rooster is a great song, but it’s too slow of a song to close with…somewhat disappointed they didn’t play Sickman or Angry Chair…some guy ran across the stage at the beginning of Dam That River…I mean, seriously, why would u do that? when u know you’re gonna get a beatdown from security and ejected from the venue…Willaim DuVall is from the DC area, nice-nice-nice…Jerry Cantrell gave a big thumbs-up to Constitution Hall’s toilets, assuring the audience that their tax dollars were being put to good use…

the setlist was as follows:
Last Of My Kind
It Ain’t Like That
Check My Brain
Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain When I Die
Your Decision
Got Me Wrong
We Die Young
A Looking In View
Lesson Learned
Acid Bubble

Man In The Box

I just did a solid all over your setlist, brah!


One Response to “Percy Handfisher Updates An Alice In Chains Setlist”

  1. Clint Says:

    Love Hate Love! Damn. I would have liked to see the last 4 songs in this set 🙂

    Too bad you didn’t go to Kreator. Maybe you would have been able to convince us to leave early enough to not miss 6 out of 9 Voivod songs :/

    At least we got to see 2 out of 3 Voivod songs from Nothingface that were played :/

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