Chase The White Tiger!

went to my first boxing match last nite, which also happened to be the first time I’ve been to the Patriot Center. a guy my friend went to high school with, Jimmy Lange, was fighting in the maine event. this was supposed to be his big break, as a win would put him line for a lucrative contract with HBO…

but first, the undercard had a coupla interesting bouts. most notably, Louie Leija (cousin of Jesse James Leija) getting knocked out in round 1, by a local product, whose name I’ve forgotten, and probably couldn’t pronouce anyways. he’s a good fighter, who goes by the nickname “The Mongolian Mongoose”

and there was also this fighter nicknamed “The Doo Man” his entrance music was Welcome To The Jungle, but he was knocked out within the first coupla rounds.

Juan “The Savior” Rodriguez, who is another local product, gets my vote for most impressive fighter of the night. he won his match by TKO, against a guy who was 0-2 coming in. this was only Rodriguez fourth professional fight, but I think he could be main eventing ESPN’s Friday Night Fights within a few years…

celebrities in attendance at last nite’s fights included Riddick Bowe, Paul Williams, DeMarcus Corley, and Lavar Arrington.

the main event of the evening was Jimmy Lange defending his WBC title against Chase “The White Tiger” Shields. Shields was on the offensive early and often in the opening rounds, seeming to connect at will with the left jab. the middle rounds went back-and forth, but Lange started to make his surge around the 6th or 7th round. by the 9th round, the tide had clearly swung in Lange’s favour, and that’s when the lights went out. so, there was about a 10-minute delay, which halted any momentum he had. in the 11th round, Shields knocked Lange down twice, effectively icing a victory. all three judges scored the bout 115-111 in a unaniomus decision.

my friend’s dad brought his D70, so hopefully he got some nice pictures. we were sitting so close, you could see the sweat flying off boxers heads, each time they got punched! I only wish I had brought my camera. overall, it was a fun evening of boxing and oggling the ring card girls…

white tiger


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