Celtic Frost Shirt Tabbed For Megadeth Show

I don’t have a Megadeth shirt…I don’t have a Testament shirt…this will be my first time seeing either band. are fans mocked for wearing bands shirts at their shows?!? U BETCHA!!!

I was thinking about breaking out the world-famous “The Biz” shirt, but no, that would just be too fuckig brutal, and no one would be able to handle it.

what about that hellhammer shirt I bought at Comic-Con? no, again, nobody would recognize the true power of 1983 Scandinavian black metal.

I could wear that Skinny Puppy shirt I bought in November, but it’s not gonna be a Skinny Puppy type crowd, so I’ll leave that one on the bench.

so I go with the shirt I bought in 2007, when I saw the Frost touring with Type O Negative. they were the openers, only played for about 30 mins., but gawdamnit, it was the tightest 30-minute set I’ve ever seen! in fact, the only shit they played was from their first (and arguably best) album Morbid Tales

and that’s why we salute you, “Mr. Celtic Frost when they were opening for Type O Negative in 2007 Winged Skeleton tour shirt” we’ll see you at MegadeTestamExodus on Monday!

2007 tour shirt


4 Responses to “Celtic Frost Shirt Tabbed For Megadeth Show”

  1. Clint Says:

    Only 30 minutes? Synagogue Satana-whatever is like 15 minutes itself!

    Anyway… This is probably a good choice. I actually have a Megadeth shirt I bought in 1988 that is… 1988 Clint sized, not 2010 Clint sized. I have a Testament shirt I bought in 1990.

    I should wear Testament shirt, then change to Megadeth shirt, HAHA

  2. Carolyn Says:

    I might wear my Sabbat shirt!

  3. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    ahh, Sabbat is an excellent choice!
    Synagoga Satanae may have clocked in at A-BOAT 15 minutes, but I think they only played 4 other songs, hehe…
    does anyone have a tour shirt they can lend Crystal, if she needs one?
    see you guys tonite with the Lawnman…

  4. Clint Says:

    5 others. But yes. Very short set.

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