Ultimate Surrender – S7E26 – (7) Wenona vs. Krissy Lynn

IGRO fan favourite, Wenona, is back again to represent for us east coasters. she holds a victory over Holly Heart this season, and is right on the cusp of elevating to the elite tier of Ultimate Surrender. as her nickname “The Gymnast” would imply, she is definitely the most flexible wrestler on the roster, and has her own unique style she brings to the mat in each match. she is fresh off a run to the tag team championship match (with Ariel X)

Krissy Lynn is the newest rookie to set foot in Ultimate Surrender. she has worked for Whipped Ass and Wired Pussy, in the past, but she’s probably best known for her work with the big Double Z. and just like every noob who comes to US thinking she can knock off a top 10 talent, there is still an order to things here.

Matt says Krissy is just as strong, if not stronger than Vendetta, and she definitely turned in a respectable showing in her debut. even better news, is that we will be seeing more of her this season. Wenona utilized those long gymnast legs of hers, wrapping them around Krissy, and executing with precision, her exemplary fingering technique. Wenona runs her record to 2-0 this season, with a 648-69 win.

Wenona vs. Krissy


12 Responses to “Ultimate Surrender – S7E26 – (7) Wenona vs. Krissy Lynn”

  1. Ringmaster Says:

    After Jayden’s limp effort, this was more like it. Krissy came to wrestle and 69 points ain’t bad at all. Judging by her energetic and slutty fuckfilm performances she gives it her all and with some skills training could be a quality wrestler. She also has a nice chunky bod with those big round juggs, full buttocks and shaved, juicy cunt lips which drive depraved lesbians like Dragonlily and Ariel wild. Krissy has recently made her buttfucking debut, according to a recent tweet, so I think we will see her being anally reamed with a plastic plunger by one of the elite very soon. I suspect the nekkid wrassling community will be queueing up to get to grips with her creamy tits and ass.

  2. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    I’ll be on the look out for that Krissy Lynn anal scene. I hope it was for Brazzers. many US veterans will be queueing up in line for a chance to fuck her ass and/or play with those funbags! I’d like to see Krissy go up against someone like Holly Heart. they’re pretty evenly matched for noobs, would be a hotly-contested match…

  3. Ringmaster Says:

    Her first anal buttfuck was indeed for Brazzers, as yet unreleased. Interestingly, she’s married and was working as a stripper in Vegas and got into fuckfilms when she met a pornstar couple in a sex club. Rough gangbangs in which she is slappped around by up to four ghetto thugs do not appear to faze her. As with Tia Ling, the freakier the gangbanger, the more chance she will enjoy wrestling.
    Krissy needs two or three more matches, ideally with Ariel, Dia, Vendetta or Darling 4, so that she’s really sharp when she goes in with an opponent she has a chance of beating. Holly Heart would be a great choice. They are both rough and aggressive with fit bods and will be pumped up to win and avoid the ignominy of a dildo up the asshole accompanied by loud verbal abuse. Trash talk is another thing Krissy does well. Sometimes she hardly shuts up unless there is a 12 inch cock rammed down her throat.

  4. Ringmaster Says:

    Twitter alert. Tara Lynn Foxx tweeted Sunday that she was wrestling her big sister. Don’t think it went well. A later tweet said it had been a shitty day and she should stop being so nice so people would’t be mean to her. I think we need to know more about this.

  5. Ringmaster Says:

    Further enquiries indicate this was a match for another producer, on mats in the open air. The big sis was Mellanie Monroe. Ariel X and Dia Zerva were also involved.

  6. celticfrostedflakes Says:

    oh damn, that sounds like great stuff! thanks for the info! any other stipulations thrown in to this match, or was it unscripted? I am guessing by her comments, that this was a scripted match, whereby she agreed to be the loser/victim. I could definitely see Mellanie putting a beatdown on Tara, and then all three of them fuck Tara’s brains out in a lesbian gangbang. I also think Mellanie could beat Tara straight up 1-on-1 in US.

    speaking of gangbangs, I saw Tia Ling’s Public Disgrace shoot, where she was pretty much filled to capacity the entire time. I’m really looking forward to watching Dragon Lily fuck her ass ’til it’s rimless in this week’s update.

  7. Ringmaster Says:

    More details of the open air wrestling as it comes in. Suspect it was for Webringit, which usually does unscripted fights. I agree that Mellanie should win on the US mat. She has slimmed down dramatically thanks to all that boxing training. Still no boxing ring fuck video unfortunately – the porn producers are missing a trick here. I would hook her knees over the ropes facing a cornerpost, apply a full nelson and fuck her into next year.
    Tia Ling is indeed the most incredibly skanky fucker, but fit with it and a fighter. You have to give full credit to anyone who agrees to be put in the stocks while all her holes are fucked and her head is sprayed with copious jizz.
    Seeing her get roughed up by the Dragon will be a nice prelim to the forthcoming tag team showdown.

  8. Ringmaster Says:

    Krissy Lynn tweets today that she has easily defeated a small blonde girl. Also that he dragged her beaten opponent around by her pigtails in the fuck round. She sounds more enthusiastic about naked wrestling than ever. Still needs to be put through the mill a couple more times. Bring on the Dragon and Vendetta. Apparently we have to wait until her Brazzers anal scenes come out before other producers get access to her asshole. Can’t happen soon enough for me. Summer Vengeance is going to be extremely competitve this year.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      do u think she was referring to Ashley Jane? I hope she fucked whoever it was, in the ass. while we wait for Krissy Lynn’s backdoor to open for business, maybe she can wear an anal chastity belt, and have Brazzers sponsor it. think of the cross-promotion possibilities! Matt is very high on her potential, and u just gotta love her enthusiasm. I think she will easily crack the top 10. would love to see her match up against Tia Ling, kinda like a rematch from their wiredpussy shoot. if she beats Tia, then u throw her in against Isis!

      totally agree with you about Summer Vengeance. this will be the best tournament yet! with gals like Mellanie, Krissy, Holly, and Maggie Mayhem, occupying spots between 11-16, even the first round matches should be extremely competetive. I can’t wait to see how this year will play out!

      thx for the updates!

  9. Ringmaster Says:

    Ashley Jane seems the most likely candidate for Krissy’s first victory on the US mat. No clues as to whether she fucked her ass, however. Isis would be a good opponent for her once she has honed her skills with a couple more beatings and fuckings from the likes of Dia, the Dragon and Vendetta. Mellanie or Rain v Isis would also be interesting contests. I think it’s a matter of time before Isis and her lovely ass and fake tits are some bitch’s playthings in the fuck round.

    • celticfrostedflakes Says:

      Isis appears to be in the best shape of her career. she’d probably beat either Mellanie or Rain rather handily.
      early final four prediction: AX, Dragon, Isis, and Dia.
      Vendetta is still near the top of the ladder, but having only wrestled once this season, she could be on upset alert.

  10. Ringmaster Says:

    I think Isis is overrated and will be found out by a determined opponent. I don’t see her beating Darling, even if the latter is slowed down by her enlarged juggs. We haven’t seen Isis take on a serious opponent in a singles match for quite some time, don’t forget. Fucking newbies doesn’t count.

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